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Shallow Well Jet Pump Overheat Fix

Our shallow well jet pump continues to run and overheat when our well runs dry. I try solving the issue of the melting fittings by adding a dryer thermostat to the motor housing. The motor of this shallow well jet pump does not seem to have a working thermal switch for protection. See the UPDATE …

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Solar Panel, Inverter, Battery Upgrade on a Truck Camper RV

We upgrade the electrical system on our Eagle Cap Camper RV to add more solar panels, a 2000 watt inverter, two Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries LiFePO4 and a 30 amp automatic transfer switch. We wanted to upgrade this solar system to run a portable air conditioner from the inverter. We also are now able to …

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Setting 4x4 deck joist in place

Build a Beautiful Low Profile Floating Deck

We built a floating deck under our garden pavilion. This low-profile floating deck is stand alone and hovers only a few inches above the grass in our garden. This stained deck is build under a timber frame style pavilion. The deck is supported with 4×4 pressure treated joists that have poured concrete footings. Over the joists are rough sawn fir deck boards with a rustic chamfer and milling imperfections.

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Build Heavy-Duty Sawhorses

This is the plan download page for the Heavy-Duty Sawhorse Truck Camper Support shown in my YouTube video. Download the plan I used: Heavy-Duty Sawhorse Plan Heavy-Duty Sawhorse Design In this episode I’m going to build two new sawhorses. I already have a collection of them in various sizes. Some are simple and lightweight like …

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