Tool Reviews

This will become a pretty big part of the website. I love tools and what they can do for us. I’ll work with old and new and talk about the use and necessity of each.

YouTube Thumbnail Ash Vacuum Review

Ash Vacuum Review, Chimney Sweeping & Cleaning Wood Stove

Time to get the wood stove ready for winter. We have a high-efficiency wood stove and need to sweep the chimney of creosote and clean the ash buildup inside the stove. This year we tested a new chimney brush and flexible rod kit along with an ash vacuum by shop-vac. We also made fire starter bags from chainsaw wood curls. And we highlighted a wood stove fan by EcoFan.

YouTube Thumbnail Jigsaw Review 1 - MAN about TOOLS

Bosch Jigsaw Review & Cutting Timber Curves

For my Timber Frame Style Woodshed project and Garden Pavilion Build, I used this jigsaw to cut curved profiles in the ends of 6″ x 6″ beams and in rafters. This Bosch Jigsaw model JS470EB review demonstrates the capabilities of this tool and it’s put to the test cutting heavy timbers.

One-Handed Cutting Board - attaching corner with stainless steel screw

Tools, Tools, Tools…

This category of the site will highlight many new and old tools used on projects, gardens, and the homestead. Stay tuned.

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