Three Gable Timber Frame Pavilion


Timber Frame Woodshed


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blog Off Grid Rainwater Harvesting tank Part 1 - MAN about TOOLS
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OFF GRID Rainwater Harvesting System

Install an off grid rainwater harvesting tank to collect water for our garden drip irrigation system.
Rainwater Tank
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Rainwater Harvesting Tank Installation- 1200 gallon

Install a 1200 gallon (4550 litre) rainwater harvesting tank to collect water for our garden.
YouTube Thumbnail SS Concrete Panel V1 PART 1 - Assembled box on grass
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Simple Concrete Raised Garden Beds – Part 1

This is the simplest concrete garden boxes yet. Using only a few simple tools you can make your own forms and cast these link-together long-lasting concrete garden box panels.
thin CSA Concrete Garden Box Plans - MAN about TOOLS
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Garden Box Plans from Concrete – PART 4 CSA Cement

Looking for concrete garden box plans? Build the simple forms & cast your own long-lasting rot-proof garden boxes. Complete & detailed plans.
Make Concrete Garden Beds
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Make Concrete Garden Boxes PART 1 – Precast Form Build

Make Concrete Garden Boxes! Build the forms and precast your own 36" reinforced concrete panels that lock together to make long lasting and durable concrete garden boxes.
YouTube Thumbnail Lightweight Concrete V1 - MAN about TOOLS
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Make Lightweight Concrete Garden Boxes – Vermiculite Aircrete PART 3

Make 3 lightweight concrete formulas for long-lasting rot-proof garden boxes. Blend of Vermiculite, Aircrete, and Lava Rock.
YouTube Thumbnail Ash Vacuum Review
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Ash Vacuum Review, Chimney Sweeping & Cleaning Wood Stove

Time to get the wood stove ready for winter. We have a high-efficiency wood stove and need to sweep the chimney of creosote and clean the ash buildup inside the stove. This year we tested…
YouTube Thumbnail Jigsaw Review 1 - MAN about TOOLS
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Bosch Jigsaw Review & Cutting Timber Curves

For my Timber Frame Style Woodshed project and Garden Pavilion Build, I used this jigsaw to cut curved profiles in the ends of 6" x 6" beams and in rafters. This Bosch Jigsaw model JS470EB…
YouTube Thumbnail Recip Saw - MAN about TOOLS
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Pruning with a Reciprocating Saw – DeWalt 20 Volt

A reciprocating saw can be used for branch trimming & pruning. Battery powered & fitted with a pruning blade, it performs well at this task.
  • Concrete Garden Bench ONE – Digital Plan

    USD$ 6.00
  • Concrete Garden Box Forms Version I – Digital Plan

    USD$ 6.00
  • Concrete Garden Box Panels Version II – Digital Plan

    USD$ 6.00
  • Concrete Garden Box Panels Version III – Digital Plan

    USD$ 6.00
  • Concrete Garden Box Panels Version IV – Digital Plan

    USD$ 6.00
  • Concrete Garden Box Plan Bundle

    USD$ 15.00
  • Curved Rafter Pergola – Digital Plan

    USD$ 6.00
  • Firewood Cutting Jig – Digital Plan

    USD$ 6.00
  • Simple Cedar Pergola – Digital Plan

    USD$ 6.00