Building Projects

Here is where stuff gets done. Where we build what needs to be built and discuss and show how and why. It’s also the construction, ongoing maintenance, or repairs of the physical structures on the property.

YouTube Thumbnail Pavilion V1 Part 2

Timber Frame Pavilion – Garden Gazebo Plan, Drawing

We wanted to build an open structure as a center piece for our garden and as a shady spot to sit, work, or socialize. I wanted it to be built in a timber frame style with simple joinery and posts on 10 by 10 centres.

Build a Firewood Cutting Jig - MAN about TOOLS

Make a Firewood Cutting Jig – Processor for Sawmill Offcuts

Build your own Firewood Cutting Jig! This Firewood Cutting Jig is an easy DIY project and turns long blanches or Slab wood off-cuts from a sawmill into firewood quickly and easily. It’s portable and can be made from standard construction lumber and hardware. See the complete build YouTube video and download the Plans

Sawn Red Cedar Boards

Hi Everyone!

Well…hello! We are just in the throws of creating this simple website to support our YouTube channel. It’s all very new and still a bit confusing so it’s going to take a week or two to sort it all out. Thanks, Kent

MAN about TOOLS 2018 Intro Video

2018 Projects

Our first YouTube video quickly outlines the major projects for 2018.

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