Poured Concrete Raised Garden Beds – Precast Form Build PART 2

Make the INSET

animation of parts for the concrete raised garden beds forms
The inset is a decorative element in the casting of the panels

The inset is an angled piece attached to the base mainly for decorative purposes. It’s not functionally required but I like the look. You could personalize your panels here by adding an oval, or circles, or a logo, or anything you want.
Just be sure that whatever you use has a bevelled edge so you can remove the panels from the base after casting. A 1×4 (which is actually 3/4 x 3 1/2) can be used to make this. I had some slightly thinner 5/8 inch boards so I used them. Either would work fine.

concrete raised garden beds - ripping the form inset at an angle
Ripping at 30 degrees on the table saw

I rip these at 30 degrees on my table saw and cut to length on the miter saw.

angle cuts on the miter saw
Cutting the inset to length at 30 degrees on the miter saw

I attach them with glue and screws from underneath. If you don’t use glue then you can change the inset design in future castings.

gluing the plywood inset
Inset is attached to the base with glue and screws

Make the SIDES

animation of parts for the concrete raised garden beds forms
Make two identical sides that attach to the Base and the Ends

The sides are made from a 2×6. Like the base, they are cut to length on the miter saw.

chopping the sides on a miter saw
Cutting the side pieces to length on the miter saw

Then ripped down to width on the table saw. (Depending on the tools you have you might decide to rip just the one side down, and that’s okay.)

ripping the form side walls on a table saw
Ripping sides on the table saw

After ripping I do the final trim to the exact length back on the miter saw.

drilling parts on a press
Drill 5/8″ hole in sides with Forstner bit on the drill press

The sides are laid out and the hole for the dowels drilled. I use a forstner bit for this but any 5/8″ drill bit would do.

a drill guide is a good alternative to a drill press
Drill guide is a cheaper alternative to a drill press

I use a small bench top drill press but you could carefully freehand this or use a drill guide. You want the pipe holder pegs to be at right angles (or 90 degrees) to the sides.
I like to pre-drill the screw holes as well. It makes assembly a bit easier later on.

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