Build a Woodshed – Timber Frame Style

Setting the Posts on the Saddles

When complete I’ll stand up the rear and front posts and secure them to the saddles with screws. The rear posts are close to the retaining wall so It was an advantage to have a saddle I could spin around to run in the screws. I plumb the posts and attach temporary braces to stakes pounded into the ground.

Woodshed posts being set in saddles
Standing up Posts

I have a wrap around post level that I brought out to help plumb the posts. For this job I found it to be too inaccurate so I abandoned it and went back to using a long level.

post level is not very accurate
Wrap around post level

I’ll snug up the anchor nuts as I go along.

tighten anchor bolt on post saddle
Wrench into slot to tighten nut on anchor bolt

Making the Woodshed Girts

I’ll then make the four girts that connect the front and rear posts. There are four identical girts but I make each one according to the inside measurement between posts as there might be some variations. I chamfer each and test fit them. I’m looking for a snug fit with as little gap as possible.

girt placement
Fitting bottom girt

I tap the bottom girt into place and hold it temporarily with a screw. Then I’ll fit and tap into place the upper girt.

Timber Frame Woodshed assembly
Slide in upper girt

A long pipe clamp brings the posts together for a tight fit. I use two lengths of pipe for this span. I find pipe clamps very helpful for this type of project.

Long pipe clamp pulling beams together
Long pipe clamp holds girt tight into post


On this project I’ll be using half inch and five sixteenths galvanized carriage and lag bolts with flat washers.

Galvanized bolts used in the Timber Frame Woodshed
Carriage and lag bolts

I countersink the head of the lag bolt or carriage bolt with a forstner bit. Then drill a pilot hole for the top bolt. I’ll use only one bolt at this time to allow a little movement to square up the side before adding the curved corner braces.

See part 2

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