Timber Frame Pavilion – Garden Gazebo Plan, Drawing

Build your own Timber Frame Garden Pavilion. Plans available for download in PDF Format.

Part 1 of 3

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We wanted to build an open structure as a center piece for our garden and as a shady spot to sit, work, or socialize. I wanted it to be built in a timber frame style with simple joinery and posts on 10 by 10 centers.

Part 1 – Build the Timber Frame Pavilion

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Timber Frame Style Design

Here’s the 3D model I created in Sketchup.

Timber Frame Pavilion on 10\' by 10\' centres
Timber Frame Pavilion on 10′ by 10′ centres

The peak height of the pavilion is 11’3″. The large sloping shed roof faces the south with another smaller roof on the front facing north with a clerestory type opening above. The structure is built from red cedar and fir, and topped with a metal roof.

Timber Frame Pavilion - Peak height of 11\'3\"
Peak height of 11’3″

I’ll add a rain gutter off the back to collect water for the garden. The rafters and beam ends have a quarter ellipse profile in the same fashion as the woodshed I built earlier in the summer. The head clearance is 7 feet and in the future I’ll add a wooden deck or concrete patio.

Four 6x6 red cedar posts on galvanized saddles
Four 6×6 red cedar posts on galvanized saddles

The posts will sit on galvanized metal saddles attached to an anchor bolt embedded in a 9×9 inch concrete pier. The footings are dug down below the frost line and sit on a hard clay layer.

Side girts of 2x8 red cedar extend past front posts
Side girts of 2×8 red cedar extend past front posts

Connecting the posts are 2×8 side girts. These extend past the front posts.

Top beams are 6x6 and front roof beams are 2x8
Top beams are 6×6 and front roof beams are 2×8

And will allow me to build a small front roof section angled opposite to the main roof.

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Close View- Front roof section cantilevers off side girts
Front roof section cantilevers off side girts

CAD Model – Beams

Topping the posts are two 6×6 beams. A pair of 2×8 beams will support the front roof section.

Timber Frame Pavilion - Main roof rafters are 2x8 nobel fir
Main roof rafters are 2×8 fir

14 curved corner braces will give rigidity to the frame. 2×8 rafters span the top beams with blocking added between them for lateral strength.

Build Detail - Main rafters have 2x6 fir support blocks between each
Main rafters have 2×6 fir support blocks between each

Over the front beams sit 2×6 rafters topped with 1×6 strapping.

Main roof strapping is 1x8 pre-stained red cedar
Main roof strapping is 1×8 cedar

On the back I have 1×8 strapping over the main roof rafters.

Close View- Front roof section cantilevers off side girts
Tin roof sheets

I’ll trim out both roofs with cedar 1×4’s before installing tar paper and metal roofing.

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