Make a One-Handed Cutting Board – easy DIY

A cutting board mod for a friend. Watch on YouTube

Make a One-Handed Cutting Board - easy diy modification to build a one handed kitchen tool
Watch this video on YouTube.

Background for the Project

Make a One-Handed Cutting Board! A neighbour of mine had an accident on his farm and damaged tendons in his hand. He loves to cook and is having difficulty with that after his surgery. They repaired the tendons and now he’s in a cast for 6 weeks. He asked me to make some modifications to an old cutting board so he could use it one-handed.

The One-Handed Cutting Board Plan

We sat down and came up with a plan for how we want to modify this existing cutting board.

too deep this way
When it sits on his counter it’s too deep this direction so it makes sense first of all to rip a strip off of this end.

section to be removed

And then that strip will go on the right hand side as a stop. And we’ll make some stops on the top two corners and one on the left side as well.

sketchup model

Cut the Parts

I’ll mark the first stop to notch out the corner. Then set the fence on the table saw and run it part way through to a pencil mark I made.

DIY One Handed Cutting Board - rip stop on tablesaw

I’ll finish the rip cut and corner cut on my bandsaw.

cut stop on bandsaw

Next I’ll mark the screw locations on this stop and countersink each a quarter inch deep with a forstner bit on the drill press. I want the screw heads to sit flush.

countersink with forstner bit

I’ll drill the rest of the way through with an eighth inch bit.

DIY One-Handed Cutting Board - drill stop on press

Attach the New Stops to the One-Handed Cutting Board

With the cutting board clamped to the table I can drill pilot holes and secure the stop with stainless steel screws.

Making a One-Handed Cutting Board - attaching stop with screws

This old cutting board has a warp to it and doesn’t sit flat anymore. My neighbour is okay with that as he will glue on some foam rubber patches later so it won’t rock on the counter.

This board is laminated with one inch strips so I staggered the pilot holes so each screw goes into the center of a strip.

End grain attachments like this are not as strong as cross grain but for this modification it will hold well enough.

This board has years of oil soaked into it. So adding glue won’t help without first fully stripping it down and sanding it. And my neighbour was happy to just keep it simple.

Make a One-Handed Cutting Board - position corner stops
Now I’ll cut to length and layout the other stops.

DIY One-Handed Cutting Board - countersink holes on underside of board

I’ll mark the hole locations on the underside of the cutting board and countersink and drill each one.

DIY One-Handed Cutting Board - chamfer edges and corners on disc sander

And chamfer the corners on these strips on my disc sander.

I clamp a strip to the board, drill the pilot holes with an eighth inch bit. I put some red tape on the bit as a depth gauge so I don’t drill these holes clean through the strips.

One-Handed Cutting Board - attaching corner with stainless steel screw

I’ll butt the corner against the first piece, clamp it, then counter-bore, drill, and run a screw in. Then pre-drill and run screws up from the bottom. And repeat on the other corner.

clamping stop

Lastly, I’ll clamp the left side stop, drill, and screw it into place as well.

Finishing Up

DIY One-Handed Cutting Board - finish up with sanding block

A little light going over with a sanding block to round off any sharp corners or rough spots.

Now I can take the board over to my neighbour Pat where he will glue some foam to the underside with hot melt.

DIY One Handed Cutting Board - hot melt foam pieces to underside
DIY One Handed Cutting Board

So now it won’t slide around as much and Pat can hold it secure with his hip.

New One-Handed Cutting Board in Action

cutting bread

And press the bread against the stop, holding it with his left elbow.

DIY One Handed Cutting Board - Pat likes it!

This is a very simple project, there’s nothing complicated about it. But, for me, this kind of work is very rewarding. It just feels great to be able help my neighbour and friend, and make his recovery a little bit easier.

Pat makes P and J sandwich

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