Ash Vacuum Review, Chimney Sweeping & Cleaning Wood Stove

Finally… Light the Wood Stove

I tear a bag open inside the wood stove and add kindling on top.

The bags keep everything tidy. Tear them open inside the stove.
The bags keep everything tidy. Tear them open inside the stove.

The shreds are easy to light and the bag keeps it tidy.

Ash Vacuum Review - lighting the stove
Ash Vacuum Review – lighting the stove

When the stove reaches the Active Range on the Catalyst Thermometer, I close the bypass door directing the smoke and hot combustion gases through the catalytic converter.

Temperature gage on top of stove
Temperature gage on top of stove

I set the air intake dial to about 3/4 open and the stove regulates the burn to maintain a consistent temperature.
When running like this there’s very little smoke generated and we get very long burn times.

Wood Stove Air Circulation – EcoFan

We have a fan that circulates the warm air and pushes it into the room.

Electricity generating stove fan
Electricity generating stove fan

This fan needs no power source as it generates an electrical current on it’s own when the stove heats up.

Cooling fins on top of EcoFan
Cooling fins on top of EcoFan

The temperature difference between the base that contacts the stove and the cooling fins generates a current. It’s very cool.

Ash Vacuum Review
Ash Vacuum Review

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