2018 Intro Homesteading YouTube Video

We just posted our first YouTube homesteading video. It’s an introduction to our channel and a very brief rundown of the projects we have planned around the homestead for 2018. Check it out at: Building, Growing, Homesteading

(excerpt from video) Here’s a list of what we have planned for 2018:

Homesteading Garden & Food

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Expand and add to the garden.

Adding more drip irrigation lines, equipment, and controllers.

Drying, storing and canning fruits and vegetables.

Creating loads of compost.

And stockpiling and aging manure.

And cutting a few trees to let in more light.

But planting more than we cut.

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And burning as little brush as possible by chipping and storing it.

Helping our neighbours, as they always help us.

And enjoying their livestock when they stop by for visit.

Teaching in their wilderness home school tent.

We will be turning some cedar posts into trellises for berry bushes and grape vines.

Building & Renovations

And building a timbeframe woodshed.

From lumber cut and milled on the property.

Residing the workshops and sheds.

Turning one workshop into a bright, clean, and and inviting studio space.

Rewiring the lighting.

And insulating its attic.

And another tractor shed dedicated to woodworking with proper dust management.

We will also be revisiting some old building projects to see how they have held up over the years.

Along with:

Water & Irrigation

Dredging mud from the bottom of our shallow irrigation well.

Repairing and levelling the irrigation pump house.

Upgrading the water pump.

And adding a new pressure tank.

And turning navy jack sand and gravel into concrete.

With a very old cement mixer.

And pouring footings and foundations for pergolas.

Pouring concrete into planter box moulds.

We will revisit the solar system in the RV and see how its working.

And decluttering and organizing the inside AND outside spaces of our property.

Improve the lighting around the house and workshops.

All while planning and designing in Sketchup.

Video & Graphics

And shooting with a Panasonic G85 in 4K.

Editing with a new iMac on Final Cut Pro.

And tweaking the graphics with Photoshop.

Creating some special effects with Apple Motion.

And adding project details and some plans to our website.

Shooting some slow motion.

And time lapses.

Crawling around in the attic.

And downstairs in the basement and crawlspace.

Hauling out an old wood stove.

Then putting in a new one.

And heating the house with wood.

Installing a new floor in the mud room.

And maybe building a greenhouse.

All while testing and working with some new and some old tools.

And even washing my truck once in a while. Nah!

All this while still working at my other job in town.

Now I know Im going to make some mistakes, fumble on words, break things, and sometimes be a pain in the ass to everyone around me. Stuff’s not always going to work out as planned. But, I know I’m always going to be learning and improving. Sometimes lessons are earned and cannot simply be learned.

They say, you can plan the journey, but you can’t plan the outcome.

It’s going to be quite a year. So please hit the subscribe button and join us on this journey.



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