Pruning with a Reciprocating Saw Video & Trimming Demo

Have a look here at the video demonstrating pruning with a reciprocating saw.

A Reciprocating Saw has many uses around the farm and workshop. It’s traditionally a demolition tool as it was not designed to make precise cuts. As you can see from this video, it can be used for branch trimming and pruning as well. Battery powered and fitted with an appropriate blade, it performs well at this task. My wife Marilyn wanted an easier way to trim and she did not want to use a chainsaw.

I think the Recip Saw is an ideal alternative for this. I like the DeWalt as the price is competitive with other models plus the batteries fit other tools I already own. Pruning with a reciprocating saw is a great alternative to a chainsaw.

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Pruning with a Reciprocating Saw in action!

Excerpt from the video:

With safety glasses and gloves, Marilyn is ready to cut. And cut she did! She spent hours in our back woods trimming branches and cleaning up the space. One of the best things about trimming this way is the noise level is way lower. You don’t need any ear protection in most cases. And the tool is very light in comparison. There’s no oil or gas to deal with either.

Pruning reciprocating saw woman trimming
Marilyn trimming branches with a reciprocating saw
Pruning reciprocating saw woman trimming
Pruning reciprocating saw trimming

And she cut some big limbs too! The blade carved through them with ease. Most of our trees are softwood (cedar & fir mainly) so that helped too. But I suspect the saw and blade would cut hardwood well.

Cuts well through small trees too!
Cuts well through small trees too!

At the end of the day I asked her to give me a quick review of the features she liked about the saw. She liked the safety switch; so she could be sure it was off before she put it down.

Pruning reciprocating saw safety switch
safety switch

She also liked the handle grip and felt it was non-slip and perhaps reduced overall vibration.

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Pruning reciprocating saw handle grip
rubber grip

She liked the push-button, digital battery life indicator on the 20V batteries.

Pruning reciprocating saw battery indicator
battery life indicator

She also liked that the saw was relatively light and quiet. She commented that it was not hurting her shoulder and that she didn’t feel the need to wear ear protection.

Pruning reciprocating saw trim cedar
Diablo Pruning Blade

So the pruning blade and the reciprocating saw performed very well. I’d say Marilyn was very happy with her birthday present! Pruning with a reciprocating saw will become a common activity I’m sure.

Pruning reciprocating saw lauging woman

Tool Reviewed

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