OFF GRID Rainwater Harvesting System Part 2 – Fence Surround

Build the Mini Pump House

OFF GRID Rainwater Tank Part 2 .16576

The mini pump house will be a box with a sloped hinged lid. I made some walls with 2×3’s and 1×8’s. Then screwed these together. And I’ll add an exterior grade plywood bottom.

OFF GRID Rainwater Tank Part 2 .17060

And I can cut the end walls for the sloped top. I stained the box and added a top from plywood and attached it with gate hinges.

Cutting Slope in Side Walls

OFF GRID Rainwater Tank Part 2 .17913
OFF GRID Rainwater Tank Part 2 .18416

This plywood has a synthetic roofing felt tacked on then corrugated panels attached.

Hinged Lid

OFF GRID Rainwater Tank Part 2 .18751
OFF GRID Rainwater Tank Part 2 .19251

We temporarily set this box in place to see how it fits. And that’s pretty much all the carpentry work done.

Set Mini-Pump House in place

OFF GRID Rainwater Tank Part 2 .19698

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