SUPER Simple DIY Concrete Garden Box – Part 2

Strip FORMS to reveal the castings

I left these covered with plastic overnight. It was pretty warm when I poured the concrete. It’s been about about 18 hours just want to free these up a little bit — they’re sticking in the wood a little bit — that looks kind of stuck — see if this one will come out.

Concrete Garden Box Easy Form - removing wooden pegs

Not quite coming out as freely as i hope they would.

DIY Concrete Garden Box Easy Form - remove wooden pegs

I might have to go back to a different plan for the doweling here — coming a lot rougher here than i had hoped and they swelled a lot more than I kind of expected them to as well.
I was able to get the wooden dowels out but i had to tap them out with this steel rod. What I found is the dowels swelled more than I expected so they ended up being too tight too difficult to remove. And I think a couple of them had swelled so much that they cracked the concrete.

Concrete Garden Box Easy Form - drop casting out of form

There’s a few cracks around the pipe holes. I would say that sometimes things just don’t work out the way you expect them to.

Modify the Raised Bed Panel FORM

The wooden dowel swelled under the moisture of the wet concrete. That swelling either cracked the concrete or, the amount of force i had to use to remove the wooden dowel cracked the concrete. We’ve got another option: instead of using the wooden dowel we can use a plastic pipe.

DIY Concrete Garden Box Easy Form - plastic pipe to form connection hole in casting

This is 3/8″ water pipe made by SharkBite and it happens to be a half inch diameter on the outside so that’ll work perfectly for what we want to do.

DIY Garden Box Easy Form - plastic pipe might be too flexible

The only thing wrong with this type of pipe is it’s a bit more flexible than the wooden doweling.

Do it yourself Concrete Garden Boxes - galvanized spike will stiffen pipe

So we’re going to use these 12 inch galvanized framing spikes (that I’ll use later to make assemble the DIY Concrete Garden Box)– and slide them in the pipe. it’ll add some rigidity and we’re going to use these spikes later to pin the corners of the box together to make the garden box.
We just need to cut down to eight inches. I made a mark on my block here so i can mark my my eight inch mark there and then one inch in. Use the miter saw to cut that down and a little bit of sandpaper to make sure there’s no burrs on the edge.

DIY Concrete Garden Box Easy Form - hole drilled in pipe to aid in removal

I like having the option of having a small hole in the end in case i wanted to put a nail in there to twist it. I use the 3/16″ bit and my drill block put a small hole in there so i can run a nail in case i need to twist it to remove it.
A couple more of these and we’ll be ready to pour another batch of concrete.

Pour CONCRETE (again) DIY Concrete Garden Box

It’s been about 20 hours since i poured these covered them with plastic overnight.

DIY Concrete Wooden Trowel
Remove plastic pipes from form and casting

Now we’ll pull out the spikes out of this one and i’ll use my nail here to gently pry this pipe out of this side.
I’ll do the same on the other end all right now.

DIY Concrete Garden Box Simple Forms - Forms is clean

Just gently flip this over and we’ll see if we can free it from the form here might have to tap it a little bit here. It’s a little bit snug so i’m going to take one of the sidewalls off see if that might help it a little bit. That’s the first panel looks good. We’ll set this aside and try the other panel.

DIY Concrete Garden Panel

That worked good! It came out very clean —  and this other one even easier.
And any of the sharp edges left from the round edge of the framing lumber you can just use a brick and just go real gentle on the edge.

Remove sharp edge of casting with brick

It’s like sandpaper a little bit just to take that sharp edge off while the concrete’s still relatively soft. Just go real easy so we don’t chip a piece off while it’s still setting up, and starting to cure.

DIY Concrete Garden Box Easy Form - Remove sharp edge of casting with brick

Okay we’ll cast a few more.

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