Garden Box Plans from Concrete – PART 4 CSA Cement

Assemble the Thin Concrete Raised Garden Bed

I level a spot in my garden and set the panels in place. I check the corners for square then drive in the bars thru the corners and into the ground to secure them. I repeat this on each corner to complete the garden box plans.

assembling the panels into a garden bed
Tapping in pins to assemble the thinner garden box plans

A square garden box

For deeper boxes you can stack and alternate the panels if you like. You will need longer pins for this.

the concrete garden box plans produce a beautiful result
CSA Thin Concrete Garden Box – Oh she’s a beauty huh??

Final Thoughts

So a couple of things as I wrap up this episode in the series. I didn’t know that this was going to be a series, but this is how it goes. The two previous form designs work well so, keep making panels with those if you have them. If you want the panels lighter then there’s quite a few alternative concrete formulations available that work in those first two forms. I only covered three in the last episode, and I’m sure there’s many more. So? Maybe part 3.5 in the future? We’ll see.

Talking about the casting results
Talking, talking, talking

With these new garden box plan panels I not sure if any wire reinforcing grid is required at all. This CSA concrete might be strong enough without it. So it might be just habit that I add a grid. But, if a panel was ever to break the wire would at least hold it together so it still functions.

pushing the wire mesh into the form while the CSA mortar mix is still wet
Pushing wire grid into center – 36″ form

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