CSA Aircrete Lightweight Concrete Garden Boxes – PART 3.7

CSA Aircrete Formula – 1st Test Batch

I use a digital scale to weigh my ingredients. I use 15 pounds of Cement All, 3 pounds of water, 3/4 of a pound of foam, 1 teaspoon of plasticizer, and a pinch of fiber.

aircrete formula and ingredient blend for this test batch
Formula to make CSA Aircrete

I start by adding a teaspoon of the plasticizer to the water.

adding Cementall to the water
Pour dry Cement All into water

Then slowly add the Cement All to the water while spinning the slurry with a paint mixing attachment on a drill.

adding fiber to the wet cement mix
Adding small amount of glass fiber to CSA cement slurry

I don’t want any clumps or dry cement on the bottom or sides of the pail. I use a dowel to hand stir the mix to prevent this.
I’ll add the glass fibre and mix that in.

adding foam to the pail of wet cement aircrete CSA mix
Adding some foam to CSA cement slurry

Now the slurry is ready for foam. I connect my air hose to the Foam Mate and once it’s flowing well and becomes thick I add some to the slurry pail. I have a mark on my stir stick that approximates the amount of CSA aircrete I need to fill one 36″ form. For a five gallon pail, I need it filled to the 8″ mark as a minimum.

blending well to incorporate the cement mix and foam
Blending foam to CSA cement all slurry

I think on this first batch I added a little too much foam. But I decided to go ahead with it anyways knowing that the density of this first panel would be lighter.

Pouring CSA Foamcrete into Forms

pouring CSA aircrete into a mold
pouring CSA aircrete into a mold

I pour the CSA aircrete into the form, giving it a jiggle to settle the mix into the corners.

Add Wire Mesh for Strength

laying in wire grid for reinforcement
Laying in wire grid to reinforce aircrete

Once it begins to thicken, I lay in a galvanized wire reinforcing grid. Pressing it down so it settles right in the center. Then I smooth the surface with a small trowel.

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