CSA Aircrete Lightweight Concrete Garden Boxes – PART 3.7

CSA Aircrete Formula – 2nd Test Batch

adding citric acid to the mix
Adding plasticizer to water

As before I start by dissolving the plasticizer in the water.

adding concrete colour dye tint to the wet concrete
Pouring cement colour into water

For this batch I’ll also add some liquid cement dye. About one fluid ounce.

adding concrete colour dye tint to the wet concrete
Red dye used to color concrete

In this second batch I’ll use the same amount of water and Cement All as I did in the first.

blending well to incorporate the cement mix and foam
Blending foam to make CSA aircrete

As before, I slowly add the cement to the water. Then add the glass fiber. Hand stirring to free up any clumps from the sides or bottom of the pail. Then add the foam and blend it again with the mixer.

using a dowel to scrap mix off the side of the pail
Stir mix with dowel, and check depth of wet aircrete

I think I got the foam right on this blend. Just enough to bring the mix up to the 8″ mark on my stir stick.

Fill Forms

pouring CSA aircrete into a mold
Pouring red dyed aircrete into wood forms

Lay in Double Wire Grid

After the mix began to thicken I laid in a double wire grid. I make this grid from a section of galvanized fence. Folding it over to form a thin wire cage.

laying in wire grid for reinforcement
Adding double wire grid to reinforce CSA air crete
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