Firewood Cutting Jig – Efficiently Process Sawmill Offcuts into Firewood with Ease

Make and Attach Handles

I’ll make the two handles from a 2×6. Cutting each to length first then laying out the design. I’ll set the fence on the table saw to one and a half inch and run it part way through.
Then to the miter saw to cut part of the angled section.

cutting jig - mitre saw handles

What wood smells good when it burns?

Cedar is a species of wood that smells good when it burns. And it also smells good when you cut and dry it.

And finish up these cuts with a hand saw.

firewood cutting jig - pocket hand saw handles on sawhorse

Clamp these to a saw horse and round off the hand holds. I used a coarse sanding disc on my grinder. This is all rough carpentry so just as long as it’s comfortable in the hand.

angle grind handles

With the jig now on it’s feet I can mark the location for the handles, drill the pilot holes, apply glue, and secure it with 6 screws from the inside.

firewood cutting jig - attach wooden handles

Wooden Weights on Ropes

Next the mending plates that bridge the half inch gap between side boards can be screwed in place.

firewood cutting jig - attach mending plates

I salvaged some wood from a few old hardwood pallets to make the weights. I use an older chop saw with a beat up blade anytime I’m cutting recycled wood. Just in case I hit a hidden nail.

cut rope weights

And I drilled a hole in each block.

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drill rope weights

I cut 1/4″ diameter rope into 7 foot lengths and melted the ends with a lighter so they won’t unravel.

attach rope

I tie a block weight on one end and the other to the mending plate.

wooden weights on rope

Firewood Cutting Jig – Finishing Up

To finish off this project I chamfer or round off all sharp corners or edges with the grinder. And that’s it. The new firewood cutting jig is done.

firewood cutting jig - clamped rounded handles

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