Make a Firewood Cutting Jig – Processor for Sawmill Offcuts

Rear Support Groove

On the rear support measure and layout a groove to accept the axle rod. On the ends I marked the depth of this slot just shy the diameter of the rod. You want the axle to sit slightly high by about a sixteenth of an inch.

layout groove support

Set the table saw fence and run the rear support through the saw a few times. Adjusting the fence a blade width or so each time until the slot is cut.
I removed the excess wood with a half inch chisel. And test fitted the axle.

MAN about TOOLS - firewood cutting jig - clear groove in support

On the front support I laid out the beveled end and set the angle of my sliding miter saw to match. It’s a shallow angle so I cut it lengthwise with a small support block helping to hold it in place. You could opt to cut this it a 45 degree angle instead if that works better for you.
Once set, I cut the 4 ends of the supports.

angle cut supports on miter saw

Drill a hole in the center of the axle to accept another cotter pin. Cut a groove with the miter saw at that location. This will prevent the axle from sliding or rotating in the groove.

Secure the Axel

cotter pin in axle

I used 6 inch long, 3/8″ galvanized carriage bolts to secure the supports to the base. I’ll use a one and a quarter inch forstner bit to allow the bolt’s washer and nut to recess into each support. You could use longer bolts and not have to do this step.

carriage bolts - drill bits

Layout the front base with the two holes marked on the center line.
Then drill with the forstner bit one and a quarter inch deep.

Carriage Bolts

MAN about TOOLS - firewood cutting jig - supports on drill press forstner bit

The same with the rear support but offset the holes on either side of the axle channel. Use the washer as a guide to layout the hole location.

MAN about TOOLS - firewood cutting jig - supports on drill press forstner bit

Chuck the 3/8″s bit in the press and drill each hole.

supports on drill press

This bit was not quite long enough in the press so I used a portable drill to finish.

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