Raspberry Trellis for the Garden

Adding Hardware and Wire to the Raspberry Trellis

Here’s the hardware I used.

hardware used on the build
Trellis building hardware I used

A carriage bolt to hold the cross member to the post. And two eye bolts for the ends of the cross members on one post. To tension the wires on the other post I use these little wire vices.

hardware used on the build
Small (very cool) wire vises

Eye Bolts

For the 4″ eye bolts I drill into the ends of the two cross members of one post with a 5/16th bit.

tighten the eye bolts
Securing eye bolt to cross member

And snug the nut with a flat washer and a lock washer.

add a wire vise to the bottom of the post
Securing long eye bolt to bottom of post

Wire Vices

An 8″ eye bolt will go through the post so, I used a longer bit. This one was 3/8’s. This lower wire will support the newly planted bushes and a watering line.
On the opposing post, I open up the 3/8’s hole to 7/16’s so the barrel of the wire vice will fit.

trellis post with wire vice
Wire vise in post

And I’ll use this 7/16’s bit for the wire vices on the ends of the cross members as well.

trellis cross member with wire vice
Build Raspberry Trellises – Wire vise being inserted into hole in trellis cross member

They can be held in place with some small screws.

closeup of raspberry trellis wire vice
Small screws hold wire vise to trellis cross member

Planting Raspberry Bushes

Now it’s time to plant the raspberry bushes. So it’s just digging a lot of holes here.

planting raspberry bushes in a row under wire trellis
Digging holes for raspberry bushes

We screened some well composted horse manure and Marilyn added that to the holes to give the bushes a better start.

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planting berry bushes in a row under wire trellis
My awesome wife adds composted horse manure to holes

We get a lot of afternoon wind, so the trellises should really help to support these bushes.

planting raspberry bushes in a row under wire trellis
Build Raspberry Trellises – Marilyn planting raspberry bushes
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