How Strong is Aircrete? – Deflection Test Lightweight Concrete

I test the deflection of these garden box panels under a point load to find out how strong is aircrete. These panels link together to make long lasting rot-proof garden boxes. I test 4 lightweight panels made from Aircrete. These panels were made in Part 3.6 of my Garden Box series. I load the panels with weight till their breaking point. #aircrete

See the Youtube Video and download the Plans.

How Strong is Aircrete? – Deflection Test Lightweight Concrete #Aircrete

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Background for this Video

I’ve had many requests to test the strength of my aircrete garden panels. It took some to figure out the best way to go about this. With limited equipment it can be difficult to get measurable results. I decided to take a non-scientific general approach and try so fairly basic tests to see how the panels held up to weight that either approached their breaking point, or past it. Have a look at the video and lease some comments and questions.

Aircrete Strength Testing

Aircrete Garden Box Panels to be tested
Introduction discussion of Aircrete Deflection Strength
Animation of testing rig design for the aircrete panels
Aircrete Garden Box Panels to be tested

Testing to find out how strong is aircrete

Loading the aircrete panels with bricks
Aircrete panel bending under the load

In the next episode I’ll test the strength of some CSA concrete panels. So that’s coming right up.

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