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DIY Potting Bench with Concrete Countertop

We like to garden and strive to become more self-sufficient.

On our website, we have detailed the many projects we have constructed to support those of you who have purchased project plans from us. There are links on each plan’s page to an associated blog post. There’s also a link to the corresponding YouTube video.

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What our customers say:

“I purchased the three gable pavilion plan for an outdoor kitchen project here in Boise, Idaho. This allowed me to get started faster than if I designed it myself. I was able to quickly get the lumber and hardware package ordered. A huge time saver! The plan is so concise that I’m confident enough to have a fab shop start welding my cabinets before I complete my building. I’m impressed, thanks Kent.”

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“Love the plans! I got the garden box plan bundle and it is great when it comes to the measurements for the wood. One thing I believe is missing is a general idea on what weight of concrete bag to use to get multiples of the size of forms I’m making so that I won’t have concrete left over. Just adding a simple chart with weight of bags and how much of each form a bag fills (partials or whole), would suffice.”

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“The directions & drawings were perfect. The only thing I would add is a parts list at the end, so you can take it to the store. That way you don’t need to read through the document to create an itemized list. I like the idea so much that I created another version out of plate steel. It’s a good bit heavier that the wood, so I guess it’s not for everyone. I just knew I would be making dozens of casts, and didn’t have faith that the wood would hold up.”

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