Simple Concrete Raised Garden Beds – Part 1

Assemble the END WALLS – Form for Concrete Raised Garden Beds

Here’s where we’re going to assemble the end wall pieces together and we’re going to use some #6 1-5/8″ drywall screws put them together with and a little bit of wood glue.

Assembling the form parts

If you’ve got some exterior wood glue that would probably be preferable but I think any wood glue would probably be fine.

Assembling the form parts

Use our miter box to help hold some of the pieces together. What I like to do is to just visualize how it’s going to go. So I’ve got my Part B here part and D there and then I’ve got my Part C like that and then what I like to do is where D and E meet I’m going to put two double lines like that and then where Part C and D meet I’m just going to put a single line across that so when I’m moving pieces around to put it together then it’s easy for me to figure out okay which piece was from where right so then I know that these two were meant to go together like this.

Assembling the form parts

What I do is I’m going to hold those pieces and I’m going to use the miter box to help hold it square use my 1/8 bit and just go slightly in two part what is it part E you see just two little starter holes there and I can apply a little bit of wood glue.

Glue and Screws

Assembling the form parts

Again use these alignment marks to help me remember which way it went take a couple of these little drywall screws and just start them in the pilot holes from Part D.

Assembling the form parts

I’m going to snug those and then I’m gonna check with my fingers to see how this is aligned. It looks pretty good so then I’m going to snug them a little bit tighter by hand. Just so they’re flush with the surface.

DIY Concrete Garden Box - making the ends of the form (Sheet Editor)
Making the ends of the forms, starting the screws by hand

Hand Tighten

Assembling the form parts

And then Part C is going to go like that so again to just hold it in place through the pilot holes into Part C and a little bit of wood glue.

Assembling the form parts

Set them back in place start the screws check for alignment here and then finish tightening by hand.
I like to do it by hand so then I can kind of get a feel if I’m starting to split any of the wood.

7 thoughts on “Simple Concrete Raised Garden Beds – Part 1”

  1. will the sharkbite 1/2 tubing work, or would it be too big for this? 3/8 is hard to find in less than 50 ft rolls around here.

  2. I’d like to try 2×8 and 52″ long form. Do you think that will be strong enough or other concerns for this dimension (7.25 x 52 x 2)?

    1. I think it will be strong enough at that length. However, it will be quite heavy and take a bit more effort to level, square, and pin into place in your garden. But doable I’d say.

  3. I love the idea of a long lasting garden bed. Any idea how these would hold up in the cold northern end of the province? I would be afraid they would crack apart in the freezing temperatures.

    Wishing you projects that square themselves.

    1. Thanks! In Part 2 of that series I tank a bit at the end about ways to help the panels survive a winter. And I also did a full series where I test the strength of them.

  4. Caught not reading through your wonderful detailed instructions! Next time we get out to town, I will be giving this a try. Again, thanks!

  5. Andre Raymond II

    With your concept I made 2”x7”@36” @ about 40lbs. Made a wood mold of bricks to match house and added color and grout. Using it for edging and raised beds. Made second set of brick faux stamps for double stacking. Project is still on going but a big Thank You shout out to you and your videos.

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