Lightweight Concrete Garden Boxes – Pt 3.5 Perlite, Portland & CSA Cement

Test Results

Summarizing tests and results
Summarizing tests and results

It passed the weed eater test so I think, all in all, perlite concrete in these proportions makes a good lightweight alternative for these garden panels.
The panels weighed, on average, 34 percent lighter than regular concrete. And this was a bit lighter than the similar vermiculite panels from part three.

talking about the test
Good surface finish

Significant Weight Reduction

The CSA perlite panel was 45 percent lighter. Since CSA concrete is stronger than Portland I was able to use more perlite in the mix.

34 percent lighter than standard concrete
Perlite Concrete garden panels are 34% lighter

The drawback is the CSA cement is more expensive and sometimes harder to find. And, the portland ones appear to be strong enough, and light enough.
The colours worked well and blended evenly. I think I could have used less of the red as it came out deeper than I expected. The black looks pretty good though and I’d use that again. And maybe even more.
I’m happy with perlite and it makes a light, strong, and durable panel for these garden boxes. I wouldn’t hesitate putting them in my garden if weight was an issue for me.
In the next episode I’m going back to look at aircrete. I’ve worked on some new blends and got really good results. So that’s coming right up.
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