CSA Aircrete Lightweight Concrete Garden Boxes – PART 3.7

Surface Durability Test with Line Trimmer

I then weighed the panels and lined them up on the lawn and ran a line trimmer along them all. As a test for surface durability. The first two panels didn’t do so well. The line trimmer cut grooves in the surface.

line trimmer test of surface durability
Line trimmer (weed eater) durability test

The third panel, with a higher percentage of Cement All did better. It only had minor damage.

looking at damage from line trimmer test
Denser CSA aircrete panel did better than first two

Weight Reduction Results

The first two panels were very close in weight and averaged 64% lighter than regular gravel and sand based portland concrete.

64 percent lighter than regular portland-based sand and gravel concrete
Yup…they are light

The third panel was 52% lighter than regular concrete. I used more Cement All in this one cause I just had a hunch that this type of aircrete needed to be denser.

52 percent lighter than regular portland-based sand and gravel concrete
The denser (and more durable) third panel is also still very light

The panels look good and the bubbles appear to be uniform. I didn’t see any cracks forming or any warping as they fully cured and dried. So the density of the cement seems to be adequate so the panel can resist the internal stresses that build up during curing and drying.
I had hoped that the stronger CSA cement would make these panels more durable but they didn’t do so well against the line trimmer. The denser third one did better than the first two.

Closeup of aircrete panel
Closer image of dense third panel with line trimmer damage

Final Thoughts on CSA Aircrete

So I hope that was helpful. And I think it showed that aircrete can be made from CSA based cement.

I can’t say just yet that it’s any better than a portland based version. There’s a possibility that the sand is actually detrimental and weakens the tiny bubbles. I’d have to get my hands on some pure CSA cement to see if that was the case.

the plywood forms I\'ll be using for these tests
And that`s it for now

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