YouTube Thumbnail Build Raspberry Trellises - MAN about TOOLS

Raspberry Trellis for the Garden

Build your own Raspberry Trellises from red cedar posts and 2×4’s. Complete animated build video that shows step-by-step how to make a support for your berry bushes. Grow berries on wood and galvanized wire supports. It’s an easy trellis design based on the popular raspberry trellis T post system.

YouTube Thumbnail Build a Simple Cedar Pergola

Build a Pergola – Simple Cedar Plan Idea

This pergola is easy to build with detailed plans. Build a pergola in your garden, patio, or back yard. Pergolas add shade and a great DIY project. For this blog post I’d like to go back and revisit a pergola I built a few years ago. This build was prior to the launch of this YouTube channel but the construction and assembly of this structure is fairly straightforward so I’ll use some animation to show you how it was done.

Winter Chanterelle Mushrooms - MAN about TOOLS

Winter Chanterelle Mushrooms – foraging, cleaning, cooking

Hunting or foraging for Winter Chanterelle Mushrooms on Vancouver Island, BC. The wild mushroom, Craterellus tubaeformis, is also called the Yellow Foot or Yellow legs and it’s easily identified. We harvest, clean, and cook these delicious wild mushrooms. Our Winter Chanterelle wild mushroom recipe for flaky tarts is a homestead favourite.

YouTube Thumbnail Pavilion V1 Part 2

Timber Frame Pavilion – Garden Gazebo Plan, Drawing

We wanted to build an open structure as a center piece for our garden and as a shady spot to sit, work, or socialize. I wanted it to be built in a timber frame style with simple joinery and posts on 10 by 10 centres.

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